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english speaking therapy

EFT = Emotional Freedom Technique
EFT-Tapping = Finding solutions to get out of this crisis


Based on the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine EFT uses the endpoints of  meridians.

When we´re tapping the endpoints of meridians on our body while focusing on the stress, the anxiety, the pain, whatever’s bothering us, we actually send a calming signal to the amygdala in the brain which is the “fight or flight” response center in the brain.


So when we feel stress in our body, when we feel anxious, when we get angry or sad, the amygdala is the place, where it comes from. Tapping these points while concentrating on the subject/problem is sending calming signals to this amygdala. It´s releasing that stress. You still remember what happened or what was bothering you, but you see and feel it from a distant view - the “charge” connected to the memory can disappear....


As the Coronavirus spreads, so does uncertainty and anxiety.

The challenge is, that we can become so stressed as we read the news, and from scientific studies have we know that increasing stress, worries and anxiety can weaken the immune system.


The intention of using EFT-Tapping is to help you to release stress and anxiety for supporting your immune system, and feel empowered to find good solutions to keep on going through and out of this crisis.

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